Tentang KAMI

Ini adalah wadah portfolio design bagi orang muda Indonesia yang kreatif, berpikir bebas mandiri dan out of the box dalam mewujudkan rancangan desain sebagai solusi keberhasilan klien kami. DESIGNKAMI adalah unit usaha dari KAMIGROUP – PT Karya Muda Indonesia, Creative Agency yang bergerak di bidang Arsitektur Interior – Exhibition Design dan Event Promotion sejak 1 Agustus 2007.

DESIGNKAMI mengkhususkan diri & berbakat dalam:

  • ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN (Office Design, Retail Outlet, Business Showroom, Home, etc)
  • BRAND ACTIVATION (Industrial Expo & Exhibition, Event Marketing, etc)
  • MARKETING PROMOTION (Graphic Designs for POS, Merchandizing, etc)


We picked the best specialists in their respective fields, for the optimum service just for you.

Budi Susanto


Founder of DESIGNKAMI, formerly as a Creative Group Head in some major creative advertising agencies, he became the architect & the master of backstage people. His boxer never-give-up type knock us out!. “Elvis Presley still alive!! He lived in our blood… let’s rock, guys!!” His anthem lead Us march… yes, we march! His project of Daimler Chrysler Indonesia Exhibition 2003 awarded as The Best Experiential Marketing from MarkPlus Institute Hermawan Kartajaya.

Ida Parwati

Executive Senior Consultant

Formerly as a Head of News Department in RCTI her ability and courage drive the whole team of DESIGNKAMI into passion to deliver the best services. “Perfection is NOT only on TV glass, it’s should be on your heart, guys… Our aim to help clients reach their GOALS!” this late-night conversation wake-Us-up into deadline.

Our Creative and Talented Team
Smart Talented and Young Energic team


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